Humanity is in peril. A deadly phenomenon known as Blare threatens to consume all life on earth and is eating away at the minds of humans worldwide.

Omega Quintet is a hybrid JRPG and Idol Simulation.

Use your five super-cute idols sound weapons against the Blares evil forces.

Build an arsenal of deadly attacks and skills and hype up your fans to unlock powerful combo attacks.

Every battle is a stage, so play to the crowd! In Concert Mode gain a boost from your music, fill your Voltage Gauge faster and unlock your most powerful special skills.

Source: GhostLight Limited

Extensively customize your idols looks. Change outfits, accessories, hair and mics. Be careful enemies dont hit you with an outfit-busting Costume Break, leaving you vulnerable to attack and red-faced in front of your fans!

Sing your foes into oblivion using the Harmonics system: weave different idols skills into incredibly deadly chain combos. Add each skill in the correct order to multiply the pain.

Use the powerful PVS system to choreograph and produce unique music videos of your idols greatest hits. Use your mouse to throw in extra effects during the concert.